Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Checkered Button Up - H&M
Mini Tube Skirt - Urban Behaviour
Sheer Tights - H&M
Over the Knee Boots - Aldo

It was my friends birthday and I wanted to look a little cute but casual at the same time so I thought the button up added the casual aspect and below the waist added a cute vibe to it. I always feel a little cute wearing a skirt.

My face. That is all.
I'm a little red only because we were drinking

Watch - H&M
Rings - XXI 
I forgot to include these boots in my haul part 1 but my friend got me these boots for my birthday! I'm absolutely loving these boots! They became a huge trend and I wasn't sure what the hype was about but I'm glad I fell into it.

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  1. You looked adorable for your friend's birthday! I'm sure you look cute all the time, but you look extra cute wearing the Urban Behaviour mini tube skirt. I hope you'd be doing more outfit posts in the future :D